The Artist's Palette

The Artist's Palette  is an event organized by Sunset Mist Management in Second Life and will be held at Sunset Mist Town Square with the theme: Color, Creativity and Culture . This month, it is inspired by the celebration of diversity and the rejection of  racial discrimination in all forms. It opens On Friday, March 10 at 8AM SLT  and will run through the end of the month. 


To be able to gather content creators of SecondLife on a fair to showcase and sell 1 or more of their creations that is within the theme.
To assist in promotion of their business and creations; and, to generate income through this fair for the designer's SL business.
To give awareness to other residents about one’s cultures through one’s creation/item or object for sale.
To aid in building awareness among residents of SecondLife on the matter of eliminating discrimination in all forms.

Our goal is to gather at least 40 creators of different cultures to showcase their work following our theme: color, creativity and culture.
To organize events that will not just create sales and popularity but to also be able to share information and education amongst the residents.
With this, we will be able to help each other in understanding one’s culture and life. An awareness that can build respect and unity among us in SecondLife and in Real Life.
And, through this, we hope that, even in a small way, we, together with the creators, will be able to help in stopping the segregations of race, language, nationality, gender, status, et al.

Sunset Mist Town Square

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